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Grinding being one of the final finishing processes, it pains to see burn marks on the final component after all the efforts taken. While some burns are purely cosmetic, severe burns are catastrophic and could induce residual tensile stresses in the component.

Studies indicate that intense amount of heat is generated between the grinding wheel and work piece due to friction and the subsequent cutting process. A coolant with poor lubricity would be ineffective and would not be able to manage the resultant temperature rise.

Another problem regularly faced is the chatter marks on the components after grinding. Coolants with poor flushing properties, will be unable to clear the fine dust particles, leading to wheel loading and rubbing phenomenon.

Uncontrolled heat while grinding can lead to repeated wheel dressings, wear and increased rejection

Repeated wheel dressings and burn/ chatter marks on components result in machine down-time and increase in rejection rates. BECHEM’s Avantin range of metal cutting fluids are developed with special formulations having superior flushing and detergent properties that ensure less stickiness thereby a stain free and sparkling machine. Highly active lubricating additives enable excellent surface finish while making ‘burn marks’ a thing of the past!

Apart from providing the lowest consumption and increased sump life, the Avantin range also provides excellent corrosion protection to machines and components.